Neutral mental health professionals do not perform therapy for either client or the couple. Instead, they help the parties and the remainder of the team work at their optimal level. Divorce is almost always a difficult and emotionally-challenging experience. The parties' feelings range from anger to sadness to frustration to depression to confusion - to name just a few. Having a mental health professional on the team to help the parties deal with those feelings allows everyone to attend to the business decisions that are required to finish a case.
Mental health professionals serving as team members are engaged at the beginning of a Collaborative case and generally attend all joint meetings. They often meet with the husband and wife, individually and/or together, at various times during the process between joint meetings to work toward resolution of specific issues or to intervene if communication becomes difficult. Learn more about the role of the neutral mental health professional in Collaborative Law cases In Florida

Going through a divorce can make you feel isolated and alone or unsure of where to turn for support and advice? The Collaborative Law model offers you a team of skilled professionals. With the support of these collaborative law trained professionals, you will feel more in control of your divorce and better equipped to begin a new life afterwards.

Neutral Mental Health Professionals

The neutral mental health professional can help parents create a parenting plan for making decisions and spending time with their children after the divorce is completed.

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