Mental Health

At Patricia's  Rock we offer  a variety of  counseling & psychotherapy services  for Adults, adolescents & children using a variety of evidence based therapy models.

Patricia's Rock offers Outpatient mental health services for Adults, Adolescents & Children . Our mental health professionals  provide comprehensive outpatient services for a wide variety of mental health issues for adults ,adolescents, family, and groups. 

Each of our therapists are licensed and experienced in various types of  evidence based therapy modalities in specialized issues such as, Anxiety , depression, Post traumatic stress disorder issues, Panic attacks, divorce-related issues, & various other conditions.

Case Management 

Coordinate services through working with the client and all providers to offer a comprehensive network of support that is efficient and effective.  

Auto Accident Wellness

We offer full comprehensive medical and mental wellness treatment relating to the treatment of injuries. 

Drive Therapy/ Mentoring

Most people experience some type of emotional distress in varying degrees of severity due to trauma related to an auto accident.

Mental Health Counseling

Collaborative Law

 Methods of dispute resolution, and an ideal vehicle to consider when disputes arise in the areas of probate, trust administration, and estate planning.

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